by The Grey Mage

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2011 The Grey Mage





33 degrees north

One Eighteen West


It all started with a land grant

and a little bit of citrus


*** VERSE ONE *** **a**

Population of 83K
-but it didn't always happen to Be-this-way

Contemplation salvation on bales of hay
-better check the harvest before it’s May

bloody war,
-and a serious attack

and a couple hundred bucks,
-from the Homestead Act.

Double check respect
-better watch your back

Swinging walnut trees
-behind the shack


no room to boom
-no glockenspiel

Gerken' kept the peace
-and he sealed the deal

The first Police chief
-he dropped the funk for real

There's plenty of places,
-to get a good meal


So I walk to the party
-take a look at all the peeps

The stage is getting rowdy
-and my bag just got delete

But that's ok
-I took a nap on a bench

Regen’ a little bit
-let my mind undrench


There's serious damage
-and a broken mic stand

People getting really nervous
-not trusting the band

Tempers a flarin'
-threats being made

‘n’ I'm wearing the armor
-made out of the fade


So I talk to a friend
-and he asks how I'm doin'

Best seat in the house
-if you can see what I'm viewing

Then the energy changes
-from blue to hostile

Decide to take my exit
-and zip my textile


On the way out
-I saw an old friend

He didn't look good
-got a little too bent

So I leaned down
-and asked, "You need a ride?"

Sure, in a bit,
-maybe later tonight


Man, I think I'm bouncing,
-I'm not digging the vibe

Go ahead and leave without me,
-I will be all right

Then, on the lawn,
-he sat in a fog

Angry at something,
-gazing at the urban bog


33.... One Eighteen

We got friends here

33... One Eighteen

We Got Friends Here


Next day,
-while working on a beat

A friend asked,
-to bail 'em 'lete

-are you kidding me?

Does it look like I'm running,
-some kind of charity?


A penny earned,
-now nine in debt

I'm staring at the screen,
-numerical regret

I dug this hole,
-I burnt that bridge

Never waited a second,
-never yielded a smidge


But all along,
-friends in 33

Good old Greenleaf,
-supporting me

Sending words of wisdom,
-make you think and laugh

These guys are the branch,
-of my walking staff


It don't matter if you 'ressive,
-or have a grey beard

This town is impressive,
-well oiled and geared

Be inspired,
-by a walk-and-sing

Or seeing pub crawls,
-what the zombies bring


It all got real,
-when at city hall

A man walked in,
-he was ten feet tall

But the height wasn't body,
-not made out of flesh

Potent energy,
-it was positively manifest


From then on,
-I was hooked for sure

Stayed in contact,
-took a virtual tour

Need a little citrus,
-so I ate an orange

Dropped my baggage,
-at the public storage


But I had to return,
-to the 33

Some 'zens stole my car,
-straight away from me

It was my fault,
-I must have dropped my keys

Last time I used the pockets,
-of that hoodie


Got a call from the cops,
-they found the sedan

Picking it up,
-it was traumatic, aw man

They trashed the interior,
-and stole my sub woof

And lined the seats,
-with one-hundred-proof


Every time I got,
-in the driver's seat

I remember little pieces,
-of one-eighteen

The bass not as loud,
-the mid not as thick

The tires squeak a bit,
-on the oil slicks


Those kids took a ride,
-they were crazy fellas

Not surprised if they end,
-at Fred C. Nelles

But I'm glad I went,
-and I'll go again

For its star has just,
-begun to ascend


33.... One Eighteen

We got friends here

33... One Eighteen

We Got Friends Here

Copyright 2011 The Grey Mage


released June 26, 2011
all music and lyrics by The Grey Mage



all rights reserved


The Grey Mage Pasadena, California

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