Time in Horizon

by The Grey Mage

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2010 The Grey Mage


Time in Horizon

****** VERSE-1A

Yo if we're bein' 'tacked by the net
then you can bet
That we got something here that's big-to-fret

or maybe this is the plan
bound mind in a jam
to get us all lined up and eatin' spam

but I just want some truth
-from any source
-that'll gimme some proof

and you ask me to choose?
which side I want to lose?
-what's the ruse?
when the alarm rings I'll hit the snooze


Something's changing
-there's a new system being built
It's triumphant without guilt
-it's a river without silt

It's by design
-from our minds so sublime
-It takes time
-do more than wait in line

I question myself
Do I really do enough?
Have I narrowed my course?
Have I smoothed out the rough?

With each step of hope
-I find it surprising
I look to the west
-my last time in Horizon


What's the question to the answer?
-ya Together We'll find out the truth

What's the purpose of the potion?
We can heal the most painful wounds!

What's the motion of the ocean?
Where's it all really flowing to?

When's the best time for devotion?
You know something that I never knew.

***** VERSE 2

There's sand in my hair
dirt in my veins
-yo It's all up in my brains

as I feel the earth
cry across the plains

So I listen to the west
-as the wind manifests
the one and final test
--locked inside humanities chest

And it beats with precision
senses change in seasons
venus switched positions
Deus Omni Terra synchro'nition

I'm on a mission
to venerate the old traditions
we need technicians
to simply solve the solid transition!


***** VERSE 3

We got lines of ley
-being drawn into the fray
Connecting random locations
-with some binary notation

And the water underneath
-like a sword in its sheath
sends signals to the heath
-for new life to bequeath

It's all a big pattern
-look far enough away
Every little thing matters
-so never waste a day

Purpose ain't free
you gotta know where to look
Sometimes to understand the king
you gotta learn to play the rook


Yet it's the struggle
-that makes us stronger
-For we'll live longer
if we build instead of monger
-if we fight against the hunger

And we'll thrive,
do more than just survive
It takes sight
to appreciate the light

it's not the question that's aggression
it's refusal of the lesson
in the face of a depression
we find logical regression

what's the point-?
if you can't find the slope
fell too far?
then let's make a longer rope



released July 21, 2010
all music and lyrics by The Grey Mage
opening sample: Commerce Secretary Confirmation, Senate Commerce Committee



all rights reserved


The Grey Mage Pasadena, California

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